Earthblade is a 2D fantasy platformer in a seamless pixel art world and is the next release from the Celeste team, well it’s still is but likely will not be released in 2024 as Extremely OK Games’ head Maddy Thorson explains in an official blog post.

Earthblade was first announced in April 2021 and then had its first trailer at The Game Awards in 2022. You are Névoa, an enigmatic child of Fate returning at long last to Earth, in this fantasy platformer. Earthblade’s lush pixel art world offers seamless exploration, challenging combat, and countless mysteries to pick apart. Celeste was an amazing game, so we know this will be too, we just will need to wait at least another year.

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Earthblade has been delayed

In the post, Maddy Thorson explains:

“I know, I know, this update is long overdue. We appreciate your patience as we try our best to make this video game that appears to be stubbornly determined to not get made. More on the process in the following paragraphs, but first we need to face the music: this game ain’t coming out in 2024. We had hoped to be announcing a firm release date around now, but it just isn’t in the cards. We know that this will be disappointing for a lot of you and we’re sorry for that. Maybe this was predictable, but still it always sucks when the haters are right.”

Thorson recently returned from an overseas trip and underwent a major transition-related surgery. While still recovering both physically and emotionally, Thorson says it’s so nice to be back home and at work. Thorson mentions that this was a huge, destabilizing event that loomed over the last year. Also this is he start of a new era.

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