A new Deus Ex game that had been in development for around two years has been scrapped, according to a Bloomberg report. It was due to enter production later in 2024, according to Schreier’s sources.

Embracer purchased the company from Square Enix back in 2022 which gave fans hope that the talented studios would be able to operate without creative restraint under the new management, well it looks like Embracer and its ambitious spending spree on various companies and IPs has become unmanageable and with no solid plan for some of their studios as they seem to be rudderless, leaderless in their quest to own but not make solid games anymore.

The Deus Ex series has been critically acclaimed and sold more than 14 million units worldwide, so this news will remove any doubt about the franchise going forward. As long as the Deus Ex franchise is owned by Embracer, we will most likely never get another game as it seems Eidos is now having to focus on original IPs.

We are seeing an unprecedented amount of layoffs in the gaming industry. Microsoft recently laid off 1,900 employees across its gaming divisions including Xbox, Bethesda, and Activision Blizzard, which was recently acquired by Microsoft for $69 billion.

Deus Ex

Source: Eidos Montreal

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