Battlestate, the developer of Escape From Tarkov, noted that the $150 Edge of Darkness edition won’t provide access to the soon-to-be-released PvE mode. This new feature has been unveiled as a component of the upcoming $250 Unheard Edition.

It’s important to note that the $150 Edge of Darkness edition had promised ‘all future DLC’ for Tarkov, thus the developer’s decision has been met with disappointment by players.

Battlestate clarified via the Tarkov subreddit that the PvE mode does not technically fall under DLC, hence it’s not part of the $150 bundle. They also mentioned the current server’s incapacity to accommodate everyone who bought the $150 edition. However, they tagged on a potential solution; purchasing the PvE mode separately albeit with an unspecified price.

Escape From Tarkov

Battlestate wrote: “First of all, the PvE mode is not DLC,” Battlestate wrote. “By DLC we mean major additions to the game, including various features and content that are released after the game’s official release as thematic DLC packs (the Scav Life DLC, for example, which will add many new mechanics and content to the game and Scav leveling)”.

Battlestate says that server capacity will increase in time for Tarkov’s full release – remember, the game is still in early access and has no firm release date – and that owners of the $150 EoD version will get full access and permanent PvE mode at that time.

We observe your dissatisfaction and have decided that the functionality of the PvE mode will be available for free to all owners of the EoD version at the release of Escape From Tarkov when the server infrastructure is improved to the required capacity.

Battlestate also says it will offer the option to purchase the PvE mode separately, “so that every player of any version of Escape From Tarkov can have the opportunity to experience the PvE mode.” Whatever the price of this standalone package, Battlestate says buyers of the $150 version will get a 70% discount.

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