The 4K update for Fallout 4 announced in 2022 is now set to release next year!

The Fallout 4 “next-gen update” for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5 was set to have high frame rates, quality features for 4K resolution gameplay, bug fixes, and bonus Creation Club content. Even though we know the diehard Mod community does an amazing job without these extra content creation features.

It was slated for release sometime in 2023. But Bethesda is known for taking their sweet time on things, with Starfield release this year…there probably was a delay with the dev team to prioritize that.

Fallout fans, don’t be too displeased 2024 is the optimal time to release the update as the debut of the Fallout TV series arrives in 2024 – airs on 12 April 2024, so the update will most likely be released near then.