Naoki Yoshida, Square Enix Game Designer / Producer spoke again about Final Fantasy 16 on PC at PAX East, reporting that it is possible to get 100 fps on high configurations. During the PAX East interview, Yoshida mentioned that Final Fantasy 16 might exhibit improved performance on PC in comparison to PS5, which makes sense, however, this outcome is contingent upon the specific hardware configuration available, which is good news for those who have the power to run it at its best.

“In terms of better performance on PC compared to PS5, if you have a high profile machine then we will have greater graphical fidelity and better performance , but with low level configurations these elements will be inferior to the PS5 version,” he explained.

Final Fantasy 16 on PC will adapt to various configurations

At the very least, it is possible that the frame-rate is unlocked on PC and that this version can take full advantage of the high-level hardware: “At the moment our technicians are working on optimization, to also understand the limits to be set. We have seen that some hardware can get up to over 100 frames per second at times, but again it all depends on the hardware you have,” the producer explained.

He also explained that the PC version is close and won’t have to wait much longer, although a bit of optimization is still needed, and that it will have a demo and a Complete Edition including DLC.

Final Fantasy 16

SOURCE: mmorpg

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