World of Sea Battle knows exactly what it is, and with a client size of approximately 500 MB, you will be playing in no time. So you can read more about it below or just head to to get started on your voyage and prepare for battle.

And be sure to join in from 14th to 15th April as the game will be celebrating its anniversary and something interesting is planned to celebrate it, so be sure to join in before then to get accustomed to the game.

What makes this game unique?

  • The largest number of ships made according to the historical design of the 16th and 18th century. About 90% of the game ships, i.e. 40+ models, are nearly identical to the original designs. If since childhood you dreamed of “feeling” that very sailing ship, we have or will have it. It is historically accurate and you can spend hundreds of hours at its helm.
  • Setting is an alternative history based on the Age of Sail and the Golden Age of Pirates, the world is a vast sea dotted with islands.
  • Large-scale battles on the high seas with no time limit or participant limit. Battles can go on for hours until the players themselves get bored.

 World of Sea Battle is a fully-fledged open world

The game is heavily inspired by such games as Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, PirateStorm, Seafight, and Sea Dogs: To Each His Own. The balance of PvP and PvE content in this naval computer game allows you to do anything: trade as a merchant, rob as a pirate, wage war as a navy, craft various goods and items, practice smuggling, supply various settlements, board and capture the best sailboats, own entire marine cities and develop them, or sail the seas at your leisure as you explore the world.

Team up with a guild or form one of your own to advance the objective of dominating the archipelago, battling for naval supremacy with faithful allies, or make a name for yourself in the “Arena”. The entirety of the economy in the pirate-themed MMORPG is driven by the activities of the players, with everything in the world being interlinked. The prices of goods adjust based on their demand.

This enables players to earn their keep through crafting goods or building and selling boats. The naval game boasts a complex battle system that allows for various tactics such as mortars, swivel guns, sea mines, flammable concoctions, throwable barrels, fire ships, and different types of cannons like culverins, carronades, along with a range of ammunition types.

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