Growing up with the Despicable Me franchise has been an extraordinary journey that has left a lasting impact on my life. From the moment I first encountered the hilariously endearing world of Gru and his Minions, the series has been a constant source of laughter, learning, and inspiration. Over the years, each new film has brought with it not only delightful entertainment but also profound life lessons and cherished memories.

As a devoted fan, I’ve seen how these movies have shaped my relationships, influenced my outlook on life, and provided endless joy. In this article, I will share my personal experiences and reflections, exploring how the Despicable Me series has become an integral part of my life and continues to inspire me to this day.

These are my answers to some questions United International Pictures [UIP] had for me the other day in an interview shoot I did at their Africa offices.

How old were you when you first saw Despicable Me? How many years have you been a fan?

I first saw “Despicable Me” in 2010. I’ve been a fan for about 14 years now.

Where did you see it? In a theater or at home? Who was with you?

I saw it at the Nu Metro cinema. It was a fun outing, and we were all excited to see a new animated movie.

What do you remember from that first experience? How did it affect you?

I remember being thoroughly entertained by the film’s humor, heartwarming moments, and unique characters. The Minions, in particular, stood out with their adorable and hilarious antics. It was refreshing to see a villain as the protagonist and how Gru’s character evolved throughout the movie. It left a lasting impression and made me appreciate animated films even more.

Despicable Me 4

Do you remember sharing the Despicable Experience with your school friends after that first viewing?

Yes, we talked about the movie a lot after watching it. It became a common reference point for jokes and quotes among my friends. We often mimicked the Minions’ voices. Drove our parents insane, when they asked a question we would respond with Minion speak “Baboi. Mini Papoi.”, “tulaliloo ti amo” and “Banana!”

We laughed about Gru’s eccentric plans and the cute moments with the three little girls.

Why has the franchise stuck with you and why have you continued to see each new film? I love the creativity and ingenious new elements they bring to the movies.

The franchise has stuck with me because of its consistent quality, humor, and heartwarming storylines. The characters are memorable, and the movies always offer a blend of fun and meaningful messages about family and friendship. Each new film brings something fresh while maintaining the charm that made the original special.

What makes this franchise so unique and special?

The unique blend of humor, touching moments, and the unconventional focus on a villain-turned-hero makes the franchise stand out. The Minions add a distinctive element with their gibberish language and comical behavior, appealing to both kids and adults. The creativity in the storyline and character development keeps it engaging.

Did you relate to anything specific in the films?

I related to Gru so much, his diabolical nature appearing to care only for himself yet still having all the minions and opening his heart to the girls. I related to Gru’s journey of self-improvement and the importance of family. His transition from a life of villainy to becoming a caring father figure resonates with the idea that people can change and grow positively through love and responsibility.

Do you have a favourite line or moment from any of the films?

The most iconic moment comes from Despicable Me One when Gru finally realized how much the girls mean to him. He goes to the villain’s house and this guy releases this massive amount of missiles that just used to wreck Gru in the past but this time is different, this time he is fighting for his family. He overcame every rocket in the most spectacular of action sequences fashion. One of my favourite moments is when Gru reads the girls a bedtime story for the first time in the original “Despicable Me.” It’s a touching scene that highlights his growing bond with them. Just every time the Minions have scenes, they just steal the whole show and ponyride into your heart with humorous antics.

Who are your favourite characters from the franchise and why?

Gru is my favourite because of his character arc and the depth he brings to the story. The Minions are a close second for their endless entertainment and comedic relief. I also love Agnes for her innocence and the way she brings out the softer side of Gru.

Do you have a favourite Despicable Me or Minions collectible that you want to share with us? Where did you get it? Tell us the story.

I have a plush Minion that I got during a trip with friends. It was a spontaneous purchase soon after seeing one of the Despicable Me movies. The plush Minion sits on my shelf as a fun reminder of that trip and the enjoyment the movies have brought me over the years.

Are you excited to see Despicable Me 4 in theaters this Summer? Who are you going to see it with this time? And how many times will you go to the theater?

Yes, I’m very excited to see “Despicable Me 4” this summer! I would say the trailer and song choice has really given me goosebumps back into the original feeling of the first Despicable Me movie and what made it so great.

I plan to watch it with my family and some friends who are also fans of the series. I’ll probably see it at least twice in the cinema, once at the movie premiere or review screening then to take my adorable Agnes level niece to see it and maybe again if another friend or family member wants to go.

The Despicable Me franchise has been my go-to source of unbridled laughter, joy and inspiration, turning ordinary days into unforgettable adventures filled with cackles and heart.

This latest installment, Despicable Me 4 hits cinemas nationwide on June 28th.

Stay tuned to book your tickets as soon as they drop!

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