During the Xbox Developer Direct, we finally have the chance to see gameplay for Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, the new action-adventure game from the Award-winning team at MachineGames – the talent behind Wolfenstein: The New Order and Wolfenstein: The New Colossus – in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games and executive produced by Bethesda Game Studios’ Todd Howard.

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I love that they have kept Indiana Jones as true to the films as possible, with the likeness of Harrison Ford, and performed by another legend in the gaming industry Troy Baker.

We will have various tools and weapons to act in battle, however, the legendary whip will be your trusted companion, perfect for distracting, and disarming the enemy.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle – Launching 2024

Indiana Jones and The Great Circle Gameplay

Characters, story and a whipping good time

Gina who is an investigative reporter following a lead, will accompany Indy on his expedition. Emmerich Voss is the protagonist of Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, obsessed with the human mind and the possibility of influencing it.

The game will tell an original story that will fit into the world of Indiana Jones, precisely between Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade where Indy will be facing Nazis head-on and, with our help, will get the better of them.

I am looking forward to helping Indy on his adventure!

The game will launch mid to late 2024 on PC, Xbox Series X|S and Game Pass.