Aptitude and sheer willpower

Contains content that could be deemed offensive to certain viewers, e.g. demons.


Kuroshitsuji, otherwise known as Black Butler is an anime based on Yana Toboso’s 2007 manga which has 154 chapters as of yet. The first season of this anime was released on the 2nd of October 2008 by A-1 Pictures Inc. and was directed by Toshiya Shinohara.

This anime’s genres include:
► Action – Comedy – Drama – Historical – Shōnen – Supernatural

Fascinating plot and characters

Set in London during the late 1800s (Victorian era), this anime follows 13-year-old Ciel Phantomhive, the Earl of the Phantomhive house, and his dexterous butler and bodyguard, Sebastian Michaelis. A short while before this anime’s setting, there was a tragic accident that resulted in the kidnapping of young Ciel as well the tragic death of both his parents.


The people who kidnapped Ciel were noblemen cult members who sacrificed him to summon a demon; things did not go according to their plan, however, as Ciel and the demon created a powerful contract that bound them together. Following this incident, Ciel returns home, inherits, and takes over his father’s Phantomhive Company as well as the position of being the Queen’s Watchdog, who is charged with solving crimes in the underworld. With his demon butler by his side, Ciel promises to sell his soul in exchange for hunting down and getting revenge on those who murdered his parents.

Kuroshitsuji is an incredible anime that draws you in with its enthralling storyline and great animation. It was made in such a way that you easily find yourself getting invested in the characters and the plot while you solve the crimes of the underworld alongside Ciel and Sebastian. This anime also adds its own unique twist to how angels and demons can be viewed by using conflicting beliefs which somehow still link up in a surprisingly intelligent way.

Kuroshitsuji Black Butler

I like this anime as it has a steady progression with minimal filler episodes; even the filler episodes which are there have small details that are relevant to the main storyline. Another thing about this series that makes it unique is that even though there is magical power involved in the show, the protagonist does not bare any of that power himself; instead, his power and control over everything in his life come from his own aptitude and sheer willpower. The attention this show has regarding the development and growth of each of the characters, rather than just the main character, allows you to gain further insight into the meaning and purpose behind each of their actions and personalities.

By the end of the season, you find yourself truly vouching for certain characters. The only downside with this show is that I would not recommend it to someone who is sensitive to violence, or someone who is religious, as the show does deal with demons. Other than that, I would highly recommend this series to people who enjoy Victorian-era shows, ones that involve the supernatural, or ones that get the cogs in your head turning.

Very Good

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