Midjourney V6, the latest iteration of the popular image generation AI model, dropped last night as an alpha release, and the tool has many improvements.

The alpha version of Midjourney V6 will be available on Discord over the winter break. This upgrade has been in the works for the past nine months, and developers are releasing it for a short time.

Among the new features are improved and more realistic, highly detailed images, and the ability to have the model generate legible text within images is a game changer, since its release in 2022 they have tried to get this implemented while other rival AI image generators such as OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 had launched this type of feature.

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From early samples of Midjourney V6 shared online, it looks like this latest update might have finally solved some of the major issues from V5.2 as can be seen below:

The illustration provided demonstrates the notable progress achieved by Midjourney V6 in AI image generation while also highlighting the existing limitations. It effectively portrays a hypothetical Netflix series poster featuring Leonardo DiCaprio as Vladimir Lenin, accurately presenting the title and Netflix logo—tasks that earlier versions of the technology struggled to achieve.

Here’s How to Get Midjourney’s V6 Upgrade Working

  • Start in a Discord server with the Midjourney Bot.
  • Once you’re there, simply type “/settings” in the chat bar, and you’ll be prompted with a list of Midjourney versions you can toggle between.
  • Your default Midjourney version is likely V5.2, but you can switch to V6 for a limited time.
  • Then you can create your prompts as usual just by typing “/imagine” followed by whatever you can dream up.

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