It seems Payday 3 is having a rough time of late. Since the epic launch back in September 2023 it seems the shooter has dipped below 1000 players on Steam. What could be the reason for such a decline a mere four months after launch?

If we take a look back at Payday 3’s super rocky launch that resulted in days of server issues, complaints from the community not being addressed, and the lack of content, this could be seen as the catalyst for the drop. As we know how you launch a game can determine your long-term success.

Payday 3

What next for Payday 3? If Starbreeze hopes to improve the player base, it must address the community’s concerns. They need to lay out a proper content roadmap outside of the announced DLC. Gamers will jump ship if they are not satisfied. If Starbreeze doesn’t correct course now, likely they will end up closing the servers later in the year as more heist-style games are brought into the mix.

To make things worse, Ulf Andersson, who worked on Payday and Payday 2, is returning to the co-op heist genre with his studio 10 Chambers. Ulf revealed that his upcoming game will be a cyberpunk-style, team-based action game.

Andersson struck out on his own as CEO and founder of 10 Chambers after working on the two original Payday games, and we can bet that after the success of GTFO, this game will likely blow Payday 3 out of the water.

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