Yesterday, Sony released a new PS5 firmware update that adds an extra equalizer function to the home screen. You’ll be able to adjust different sound levels on supported audio devices such as the new PlayStation Pulse Explore earbuds and the Sony Pulse Elite headset. But this latest update seems to have blocked access to cheat devices on the PS5, mainly Cronus Zen.

According to owners of the Cronus Zen, the latest PS5 firmware no longer detects the device when connected to the console. Most companies have issued warnings against users who make use of these devices as you can get banned should you be found to be using them.

However, this will impact disabled players who use these devices for their adaptive controller setups, which is not great considering we always want everyone to be able to play together.

Cronus Zen

What is a Cronus Zen and how does it work

The Cronus Zen is a device that allows users to use macros and digitally modify their controllers on most platforms. It can be used with the majority of controllers and potentially allow players to gain an unfair advantage.

Once connected, players run scripts via their Cronus which can range greatly. While it does have some use for accessibility and single-player games, it is best known for cheating in competitive titles like Modern Warfare 3 & Warzone.

It is highly possible this was implemented by Sony on behalf of these game companies, we will know more soon.

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