rAge Expo 2023 took place this past weekend from 8-10 December, with geeks, gamers, and tech enthusiasts from all over the country making their way to the Gallagher Convention Centre in Gauteng.

As with the 2022 edition, it was spread between two Halls, where there was a blend between the halls of gaming, tech, esports, and exhibitors showcasing their art.

The iconic NAG LAN, saw serious gamers spending three days straight playing against one another in some of the most heated comps to date.

Here is a taste of what went down at rAge Expo 2023

Here is a taste of what went down at rAge Expo 2023

Firstly we got to mention the amazing final between NixuhGG and Goliath Gaming in the Carry1st VALZA Cup…competitive Valorant throughout the weekend was brought to a close with another epic battle and did not disappoint. Massive shout out to the casters too as they brought the commentary to another level.

Ultimately, there can only be one winner, and Nixuh GG took home the trophy!


The Cosplay Competition at rAge Expo 2023 was amazing once again. Among the winners was an engaged couple who brought love to life, but to be honest we are the winners who get to witness some of the best craftsmanship and talent. Each costume was a masterpiece, and every participant was a true winner in their own right!

I must admit the cosplay competition every year gets better and better.

All in all the weekend was a paradise for the geeks, and the perfect way to end the year before the festive season officially begins and we ramp up to 2024…we definitely cannot wait for the 2024 edition of the rAge Expo!

Check out the gallery below of the amazing exhibitors who were at this year’s event and if you see yourself be sure to leave a comment, would be cool to know you attended. Let us know what was your favourite part of the Expo!

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