Everyone Gaming strives to keep the reviews fair and honest and aims to equip you with enough information, analysis and context to decide whether you will find a game/movie or series interesting. We select games/movies/shows from all genres and cover everything from quality, story, and originality.

All our game reviews are done once an adequate amount of playtime and understanding has been met, as you know publishers retain the rights to provide codes to review said materials and in that case, some reviews may be delayed due to late access, as we believe a late review is better than an incomplete early one.

Score Breakdown & Meaning

Crème de la crème

A full on entertainment experience that is nearly perfect in all aspects.
Rating is only given when the we feel it to be the best of the best & an all-round epic experience.

Great / Borderline Amazing

A true mix of amazing qualities in several areas along with originality and solid execution.

Very Good

Solid experience, however, does have several shortcomings.


Enjoyable experience with a global appeal, but does not break any boundaries.


The foundation is there, but the overall experience is lacking more substance.


Limited appeal with a lack of vision and poor execution making it a lacklustre experience


All round bad experience, with a crumbling foundation it’s borderline unfinished.


Agonizingly poor experience, truly more time should be spent as the basics are barely working


A broken mess, it is quite astonishing that this was even produced 🙁

Did Not Even Bother

Waste of time, waste of money…a full refund was submitted.