FIFA has just announced that Rocket League will be part of the FIFAe World Cup, signaling an exciting new chapter in football esports. The thrilling news was unveiled during the pre-show at the RLCS London Major, igniting enthusiasm among fans eagerly awaiting an international Rocket League competition of this scale.

  • First-ever FIFAe World Cup™ featuring Rocket League taking place this year
  • 16 nations from across the globe invited to select their best players
  • Players can sign up on FIFA.GG

The video showcased at the RLCS London Major has sparked significant excitement within the esports community.

Format and participation

Get ready for an epic showdown at the upcoming FIFAe World Cup featuring Rocket League!

Sixteen nations will gear up to compete, and they will be chosen based on their previous representation in Rocket League Majors, guaranteeing a fiercely competitive and diverse lineup. National qualifiers organized by each country’s football association will determine the representatives who will proudly wear their nation’s colours on the global stage.

With each team comprising three players and one alternate, the stage is set for an exhilarating face-off. This format not only will showcase individual talent but also underscore the importance of teamwork and national pride. Get ready to witness an electrifying showcase of skill and passion!

For more details and to join the initiative, check out FIFA.GG.

Stay tuned for prize pool, and schedule, which will be revealed soon.



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