Season 11 will start on January 23, 2024. Also, note that there is a possible Sea of ​​Thieves on the horizon for PS5 coming later this year.

Sea of ​​Thieves continues its path of success with the upcoming arrival of Season 11. In the latest update video they state a new optional rapid movement system will be added to the game, which allows players to move directly to the desired area when following a quest, without having to undertake the sea journey to reach the objective.

But we know it’s the journey with the crew that makes it special, however this will come in handy when you have a quick quest to resolve.

Sea of ​​Thieves: Season 11 Update

Feel like showing off and making a Flying Dutchman entrance on your next voyage? Well with the brand new function “diving“, if you choose the option the ship performs a dive into the sea, to resurface right nearby of the chosen island in dramatic style.

The entire quest table has been reworked to offer information more clearly and also allow newcomers to see more precisely what Sea of ​​Thieves has to offer, including quests, adventures, journeys, and various gameplay possibilities.

The level cap at the Trading Companies has also been raised, from 75 to 100, with a general rebalancing of the missions within this section which makes them particularly profitable.

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So get ready to explore a redesigned quest system, major expansions to most Trading Companies, shiny new loot items and more when Season 11 puts the Sea of Thieves at your fingertips from January 23rd.