Based on recent updates, Silent Hill 2 Remake, the much-anticipated survival horror game from Konami and Bloober Team, is now in its final development phase. The game’s producer, Motoi Okamoto, shared this news during an interview with Famitsu, stating that the game is in the final steps of its production process.

He however can’t say much more, Okamoto plans to rejuvenate the entire Silent Hill franchise, and with Silent Hill: The Short Message out, the focus is now on the Silent Hill 2 Remake.

Silent Hill 2 Remake

We are at the final stage of development. Unfortunately, there is little I can tell you at this point. As a game, you can imagine that “SILENT HILL 2” is the same as everyone imagines, and is easy to play even in modern times, and can be enjoyed with beautiful visuals that look like a direct form of memory correction.

Okamoto when asked is the development of the SILENT HILL 2 REMAKE progressing smoothly?

In the meantime he urged players to try out Silent Hill: The Short Message, and wait for further updates from the development team. Okamoto stated that the production team at Konami wanted to create a short story set in the Silent Hill setting.

Silent Hill: The Short Message is available to download for FREE on PS5

SOURCE: Famitsu

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