As noted by Steam analytics site SteamDB there were 14,535 games released in 2023, which is almost 40 per day. This is a massive increase compared to the previous years. When compared to the second-placed Nintendo Switch which in 2023 released 2,360 games.

The numbers make impressive reading when taking into consideration those recorded by Steam previously, which show constant growth each year. In 2022 there were 12,562, in 2021 there were 11,389 and in 2020 there were 9,746. Going further back, ten years ago, the total was only 435 games.

Steam set a new record

This is fantastic news as the PC market is showing growth and may it continue, however, we must not forget that recently some of Valve’s approval of games has had some issues with some games being beyond broken and below par for Steam’s standards. But the biggest issue for many of these games is the difficulty to stand out from the other games.

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But I am an optimist and believe that 99% of the games on Steam are worth it, and overall improvement of approvals in the future will have us not question or be skeptical of any of the sales or release numbers in the future.


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