It appears that survival games are making a massive return in the gaming world, new RPG title Enshrouded. It is getting a lot of traction, as we have seen with Palworld. Just recently released in early access, the game has hit 1 million players in four days and at the time of writing this article, Enshrouded is 2nd in the top 100 selling games, by revenue just behind Palworld.

The game will have players try and survive very harsh conditions by gathering required resources, erecting bases, and employing NPCs to support the bases. still, effects get intriguing with “The Shroud”, areas covered entirely by a thick fog that houses some of the monsters you will need to overcome.

“We are completely blown away by its success and the overwhelmingly positive reception,” said Enshrouded developer Keen Games which shared the positive news online. “From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank all our players. We’re excited to let you know that this is just the beginning for Enshrouded.”

Enshrouded Top Seller

“We are looking forward to continuing the development of the game with your support, aiming to make Enshrouded the best game it can be. We are back to work this week and working tirelessly on the next update. We would like to thank those of you who have sent suggestions and feedback, as well as those who have reached out to share issues they’ve encountered. There is a lot of you but this is the start of something we want to make truly special, and thanks to your support, we’re well on our way to make it happen with Enshrouded.”

Enshrouded is available in early access on PC via Steam.

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