We are days away from experiencing rAge Expo 2023!

The highly anticipated rAge Expo 2023 is gearing up to have some of the latest advancements in technology on display. Enthusiasts, tech aficionados, and curious minds alike are eagerly awaiting this dynamic event that promises to showcase groundbreaking innovations across various industries.

All the below takes place at the Gallagher Convention Centre from 8 – 10 December 2023

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Just some of the rAge Awesomeness you can expect:


Attendees at this year’s rAge will have the opportunity to partake in a live Virtual Reality Arena courtesy of RGB Gaming. This innovative VR Arena is set to hold thrilling two-on-two laser tag tournaments overseen by referees, transforming the available area into an engrossing virtual battleground driven by state-of-the-art VR technology.

Dive into the realm of VR by experiencing the Meta Quest 3 offered by African Technopreneurs at the Gigabyte Aorus booth, or explore the PSVR2 firsthand at the Koodoo stand for an immersive encounter.


Raging River Game Studio is set to host some epic Raging Robots competitions throughout the upcoming weekend.

Participants will have the opportunity to craft their robots using a drag-and-drop code system to create the ultimate robotic combatant. Those adept at bot-building can submit their creations to engage in pool matches, accumulating points based on victories.

The final battle begins on Sunday, December 10th, starting at 11:00 AM, as the top eight bots, determined by points earned, enter a knockout-style tournament. The battle will continue until only the top three bots remain, showcasing their prowess.

Prizes up for grabs include an RTX 4080 Gigabyte Graphics Card, Corsair gaming chairs, and various other enticing rewards.

NAG Streaming Service 

NAG is the broadcast sponsor for rAge 2023, and the team will ensure that all three days are covered by a state-of-the-art camera set-up. NAG will be live-streaming the entire event and has secured a top-tier mixing desk so that, for the first time, a television-level streaming service will be brought to fans who cannot make it in person. The livestreaming will include far more one-on-one interviews with streamers, cosplayers, esports winners, and fans. 

Be sure to keep an eye on the NAG socials for all the live-stream action!

The Ultimate Racing Simulator

For racing sim enthusiasts there will be a pair of Cooler Master Dyn X Dynamic Racing Experience Simulators available, complete with actuators designed to replicate authentic racing sensations by moving the setup accordingly. They can anticipate immersing themselves in thrilling motorsport gaming titles like Forza, Formula 1, and a diverse array of other captivating racing.

3D Tech to marvel

SMD Technologies is showcasing various products from renowned brands such as Volkano, VX Gaming, Logitech, and Creality 3D printers. These 3D printers are designed for hobbyists and professionals, offering high precision, reliability, and ease of use. Attendees can witness the capabilities of these printers firsthand, demonstrating how they can bring creative ideas to life.

State of the Art Tech Gear!

This year Razer will be showcasing their lifestyle products dedicated to gamers. Pioneering the creation of the most extensive ecosystem exclusively for gamers, the company has developed an unparalleled array of hardware, software, and service solutions. Razer presents an impressive collection of acclaimed peripherals, Blade laptops, software platforms, and streaming tools.

Attendees will have the opportunity to experience firsthand the Kraken, Thresher, and Kaira headsets, as well as the innovative Wolverine Ultimate controllers. Additionally, visitors can explore console-specific gear and accessories infused with cutting-edge technology recognized across the industry.

Also, MSI will be exhibiting and has partnered with AMD to bring rAge visitors the opportunity to test out multiple AMD systems through triple-A gaming titles.

MSI will also have the latest and greatest MSI monitors on display as well as an exclusive showcasing of products launched during the Computex show this year. They will also run some of the latest titles on the newest MSI Intel® 13th gen gaming laptops and MSI Custom, mind-blowing builds.

Main Event Details:

Date: December 8 – 10, 2023
Venue: Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa
Day Pass (1-day access): R 200
Weekend Pass (3-day access): R 420
Family Pass (1-day access for 2 adults + 2 children ages 6-18): R 600