Independent Game Developer Alexandre Huger (SOLIDS Studio), who has worked at Focus Home Interactive, Eugen Systems and Ubisoft is now an independent developer and has brought forth THE DARK SIDE OF CECLON, an ambitious TPS open world with a unique blend of action/adventure gameplay with survival/RPG mechanics in a science-fiction universe.

In The Dark Side of Ceclon you are Jensen, the only one to survive the Nexentia shuttle crash, and is now stranded on the desolate, harsh desert of planet CECLON! He must endure and confront the dangerous Nocturnes, ancient beings, to retrieve Veka energy and save humanity back on Earth.

The Dark Side of Ceclon


  • Explore the surface and underground of the planet CECLON, a vast open world.
  • Prepare yourself the day before the last glimmers of the sun moon herald the arrival of the dark night…
  • Enhance Jensen and his battle drone through an RPG progression system by spending points on different stats and learning skills.
  • Face different types of Nocturnes, each with unique and varied behaviors, and challenge the formidable primordials!
  • Discover the various endings of the game and difficulty modes that make the experience more realistic than ever.
  • Run, jump, dodge, and use your battle drone and its varied arsenal to defeat the Nocturnes.
  • Gather and use resources you find to craft items necessary for your survival.
  • Use the wallpass, a versatile vehicle that facilitates your movements.
  • Collect heaps of items with diverse effects to progress in the adventure or further enhance your character and battle drone.
  • Experience mature, dark, and engaging moments with a touch of humor immersing you in a futuristic universe for the survival of the human species.

The game is set to run at 60fps at 1080p and will have a decent launch price of around 14.99 euros / 14,99 dollars, this epic adventure launches on 20 June, you can wishlist the game now on Steam!

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