In a completely unexpected turn, FNTASTIC the development studio behind the game has declared bankruptcy and ceased production on The Day Before. The timing of the announcement is suspicious, considering how it’s been barely a week since the launch of the game in early access, which took place on 7 December 2023. 

FNTASTIC released a statement talking about the financial failure of The Day Before, which is quite incredible considering that at launch, the game sold for $39,99. And by the looks of things, that should have been the first warning sign that something was not right about the development.

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Even with all the negative coverage of the past few years about this game, some people were optimistic The Day Before would become the game they promised.

Players are currently requesting refunds for the game and many of them are receiving them which is good news. However, the development of this game has been marred by false advertising as it was meant to be an open-world survival game however it’s more like a small-scale extraction shooter, and at that price point, the developers should have known there would be massive backlash.

Check out the official FNTASTIC message:

The Day Before