In the realm of gaming peripherals, few devices command my attention quite like the Logitech PRO X 60 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Keyboard. With its sinfully sleek yet metallically hefty design and mesmerizing kaleidoscopic customizations, it stands as a testament to the marriage of style and substance in the gaming world. But does it deliver more than just aesthetics? Let’s delve deeper into its performance, versatility, and undeniable style.

Precision and Elegance:

The Logitech PRO X 60 LIGHTSPEED is where precision meets elegance. Its minimalist aesthetics seamlessly blend with maximum efficiency, making it as suitable for work as it is for play. As a first-time user of a 60% keyboard, I was pleasantly surprised by how much more real estate it freed up on my desk. With its compact design, I found myself eschewing the armrest, revelling in the newfound sense of space and freedom. This all makes gaming more a thrilling adventure with unique angles and convenient finger placements.

Logitech PRO X 60 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Unparalleled Customization:

What truly sets the PRO X 60 apart is its unparalleled customization options. Powered by Logitech’s intuitive G Hub software, the keyboard becomes a tool of limitless potential. The backlighting and quality of the shine-through keycaps is second to none and the lighting effects and colours can all be customized to suit your tastes. Admittingly I’m not into deep levels of programming but simple actions like sending a macro only when a key is released enable you to set up intricate sequences tailored to your playstyle. From competitive gaming to MMORPGs, I found myself clutching victory with precision-tailored macros and lighting effects. The colour ripple preset, in particular, brought immense joy, transforming every keystroke into a visual symphony.

Whether you’re navigating through spreadsheets or dominating the battlefield in your favourite game, the Logitech PRO X 60 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Keyboard offers unmatched versatility and performance.

Durability and Reliability:

While the battery life of the PRO X 60 is decent, lasting through a work week with a slow rainbow wave lighting effect and LIGHTSPEED, it leaves room for improvement. However, this minor setback is overshadowed by its overall reliability and versatility. From articles, stories or posting content to gaming marathons, the keyboard effortlessly juggles tasks, proving itself as a reliable companion for both gaming and everyday tasks.

Superior Performance = Premium Price Point

Logitech has rebranded and developed a whole new range of gaming products that the company claims are used by 60% of elite Esports performers. That’s quite some turnaround and it’s mostly been achieved via the company’s cool Logitech G sub-brand.

Its asking price is a little high but the keyboard is for enthusiasts. You know who you are and you won’t bat an eye at splurging on this level of premium.

Logitech PRO X 60 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming

Here’s a concise summary of its pros and cons:


  1. Extra Compact:
    • Offers a compact 60% layout, saving space on the gaming desk without sacrificing functionality.
  2. Deep Programmability:
    • Provides extensive programmability across multiple layers, allowing users to customize key functions to their preferences.
  3. High-Quality Switches and Keycaps:
    • Features high-quality switches and keycaps for a satisfying typing and gaming experience.
  4. Fast Wireless Connectivity:
    • Utilizes fast wireless connectivity, ensuring minimal latency for responsive gameplay.


  1. Expensive:
    • The keyboard comes with a premium price tag, which may deter budget-conscious buyers.
  2. 1ms Report Rate:
    • While offering a fast report rate, some users may desire even faster response times for competitive gaming.
  3. Complex Key Mapping:
    • Mapping keys can be a somewhat tedious process, requiring multiple clicks and configurations.
  4. G Hub Bugs:
    • The G Hub software may still have some bugs or issues that need addressing, potentially affecting the user experience.

Overall, the Logitech Pro X 60 excels in providing a feature-rich experience in a compact package, but potential buyers should be prepared for its premium price and the intricacies of its customization process.


The Logitech PRO X 60 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Keyboard is a must-experience gaming keyboard. Its blend of style, performance, and versatility earns it a solid 9/10 rating. While it may not be perfect in every aspect, its sinfully sleek design, robust customization options, and overall reliability make it a standout choice for gamers seeking an immersive and thrilling gaming experience.

Great / Borderline Amazing

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